Fast, responsive and challenging. The RS300 is a definitive boat. It has masses of innovative design features to improve handling and performance and has won accolades ever since the day it was launched. 

If you want a fast yet tactical boat or if you sail on restricted water where a trapeze boat has drawbacks, then the RS300 is the ultimate choice.


  • Advanced computer design process - as used on the RS600 - produces a stunning, mathematically fair hull form.
  • Narrow waterline and fine entry provide easily driven acceleration and speed.
  • Flared topsides give leverage and reserve stability.
  • Ergonomic deck and cockpit design, arrived at after hours of development, gives a comfortable bent leg hiking position.
  • Staggeringly light.
  • Bullet proof epoxy foam sandwich construction system so the RS300 will be fast for years.
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  • Dagger board for low drag efficiency.
  • Rake-back system to prevent damage if you run aground.
  • Lifting rudder for easy launch and recovery.
  • Sophisticated GRP sandwich construction gives strong, light, high performance foils.


  • Long mainsail luff - crucial to power and speed.
  • Centre of effort kept down with a low tack position.
  • Steeply raked boom to give clearance for the sailor further aft.
  • "Soft" sail and carbon composite mast work together to give exceptional automatic gust response from the rig.
  • Mylar / Dacron sail, for long life and shape control.
  • No shrouds so the boom can be fully squared on a run for maximum power and VMG.


  • Specially developed performance equalisation system to give a broad competitive weight range. The problem faced when equalising a dinghy of this type is that much of the time downwind is spent sitting "in" the boat, so leverage equalisation does not have any effect. The RS300 uses two sail sizes to ensure that the power to weight ratio and handling characteristics are similar for both large and small sailors.


Clive Everest







Hull weight



Sailing weight



Sail area Rig A

9.25sq m

99sq ft

Sail area Rig B

10sq m

107sq ft

Hull construction

Epoxy GRP foam sandwich


Carbon composite mast, aluminium alloy boom


Mylar with dacron luff panel. Semi battened.


Rake back daggerboard. Lifting rudder. GRP and foam composite.