Gennaker powered, single handed racing - the Vareo brings this exciting new era within reach of just about all sailors.The stable hull, responsive rig and easy handling systems make the Vareo an attainable challenge, while two mainsail size options allow the relative novice to cut their teeth and expand the boat in line with growing experience.

Fantastic single handed sailing, thrilling downwind action…and much more.


  • A real thoroughbred, with RS quality throughout.
  • Light, stable and versatile.
  • Immensely strong hull laminate ensures a long competitive life and trouble free sailing.
    Spacious cockpit allows plenty of space to carry a crew.
  • Layout designed to enable everything, including the spinnaker, to be comfortably handled by one person.
  • Self draining cockpit.
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  • Highly durable moulded foils, with reinforced core.
  • Daggerboard.
  • Lifting rudder for easy launching.

Rig Options

  • All RS Vareo models have a light composite tip / alloy lower mast.
  • The mainsail hoists in a track, so unlike a sleeved luff mainsail you don’t have to lift the rigged mast and sail into the boat together. The sail can be left in the cockpit until you are rigged, changed and ready to sail.

Vareo Fun

  • Semi battened dacron mainsail gives a balance of good handling and durability.
  • Reef points enable the Vareo is remain manageable for light or inexperienced sailors even in strong winds.
  • Option to add the asymmetric spinnaker pack.

Vareo Competition

  • Class racing spec.
  • Radial cut Mylar mainsail with full length battens for power and performance.
  • Asymmetric spinnaker for downwind fun and exceptional speed.
  • Huge spinnaker chute for easy hoists and drops.
  • The asymmetric spinnaker makes the Vareo a fantastic single hander, or a great all rounder with plenty to excite the crew.
Designer Phil Morrison
Length 4.25m 14'
Beam 1.57m 5'2"
Hull weight 68kg 155lb
Sailing weight 93kg 205lb
Sail area Fun 8sq m 85sq ft
Sail area Competition 8.8sq m 94sq ft
Sail area spinnaker 10sq m 107sq ft
Hull construction Polyester GRP with Coremat
Spars Composite top and alloy lower mast. Aluminium alloy boom. Aluminium alloy bowsprit.
Sails Mylar mainsail. Twin patch cross cut spinnaker.
Foils Reinforced moulded daggerboard and lifting rudder.


Additional Specification info for owners
Rigging lengths
Shrouds 4380mm
Main halyard 12.5m
Spinnaker halyard 15.85m
Mainsheet 10m
Spinnaker sheet 9.5m


Minor changes to specification since launch

Spinnaker chute sock modified to wrap around mast and cover control line blocks - from approx sail number 175
Spinnaker halyard lead through mast gate at starboard side of mast, rather than forward pf mast - from approx sail number 175
Gooseneck pin modified to allow greater articulation of the boom - from approx sail number 175
Spinnaker halyard cleat changed from cam cleat to Spinlock cleat - from approx sail number 225
Dacron adhesive wear patch added to foredeck under spinnaker halyard - from approx sail number 250
Mainsail outhaul cleat moved to forward underside of boom - from approx sail number 370